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Calling all equestrian fanatics! is an innovative new system designed for you. This online dating community gives you the chance to select your very own mate to talk to, flirt with, meet or simply act as a riding companion. There are thousands of members all across the UK with a shared interest in all things horse, so you're bound to find someone with the same love and devotion for the equestrian world as we all have for our sleek and loyal four - legged friends.

Horses require a particular kind of tenderness, committment and love that undoubtedly fits the dating criteria. If you understand that inclination, you have a very unique kind of love to give - there are others like you on, waiting to share their passion. Tempted? Then register for free today!

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Registration to is absolutely free. Now we all know horses aren't cheap, but here at, you'll think you're stealing from us - we don't want your online dating and equestrian experience to be jeopardized by those who aren't serious about the subject, so we do charge a minimal monthly fee (for those who decide to become full members), deterring the time wasters and attracting only people with committed, open minds towards internet dating

If you don't find someone you're interested in, don't have a mare, simply don't become a full member! If you do, then saddle up - billing is on a monthly basis and you will need a credit/debit card. With no minimum term, you're able to dismount whenever you like! First, register for free - it doesn't take long!

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When you become a full member of you will have access to thousands of like minded equestrian fanatics across the UK. As a paid member access to the following features assists your online dating experience:

Winks Find someone you like and want them to know? Simple - send a wink.
Gifts Feeling generous? Want to impress? Send a 'Gift' to your potential suitor!
Diary Keep your own diary and read someone elses to see how you match up.
Favourites Add people you like to your individual 'Favourites List' for easier searching.
Automatch Which approved stud is suitable for your mare? Let our top of the range matching process do the calculations for you...
Newest Members A list of the newest additions to
Newest Photos As members add new photos, you're first in line to view them!
Quick Search Intrigued by your options? Perform a 'Quick Search' and see who's grazing the pastures.
Full Search Search specific characteristics, like "age / music taste / smoker" etc.
Register for free now and give it a go. We're confident you'll be glad you did.
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